Borgo San Pietro

Bed and Breakfast

Via Montebello, 54
86081 Agnone IS



Il Giardino House: The apartment features a cozy living room with a fire place and a spacious kitchen corner where guests are free to cook their own meals. It offers a double bedroom and a bathroom. It conveniently opens onto the garden at the back of the house. Ground floor.  60 Sqm.

Le Rose House: Apartment with 2 double bedrooms that can accoommodate 4 people. The apartment offers a relaxing stay among stonewalls and brick arches. The wooden floors ensures a delighting warmth. The kitchen is fully equipped and ready to be used. It has two double bedrooms and a bathroom. Ground floor with direct access to the panoramic backyard.

Il Catino Room: Double bedroom with private bathroom. Ground floor. 15 Sqm.

Lo Scaldino Room: Double bedroom with private bathroom. First floor. 15 Sqm.

Il Paiolo House: Gracious apartment with stone walls and stone ceiling. Ground floor facing the front court. Living room with kitchenette, double bedroom and sofa bed. Private bathroom. 35 Sqm.

La Tina Room: Double bedroom on the second floor with panoramic balcony. Private bathroom. 15 Sqm.


The Bed and Breakfast Borgo San Pietro invites you to experience the charm of Agnone, the architectural beauty of Molise. You will lodge in rooms and apartments built in palaces from the early 20th century, finely redecorated according to the standards of a rich peasant culture dating back to XII sec. and rooted in a millenial histroy made by local people and their transiting destinies.

The Bed and Breakfast Borgo San Pietro is part of the Diffuse Hotel in Agnone. Halfway between a hotel and a home, the Albergo Diffuso is a brand new concept in the tourism industry. The Albergo Diffuso combines all the comforts of a hotel with a typical stay at home. The living quarters of the Albergo Diffuso are grouped in well-defined residential complexes or distributed in various locations, though always within the living area of the historical villages scattered in numerous rural spaces of Bella Italia. The philosophy of the Albergo Diffuso offers the tourist a balanced stay with a prestigious local flavour, in close contact with local residents and customs.

The two buildings, San Pietro and Belvedere, have been recently refurbished bringing bak to life all the precious details of the vintage home environments. Local craftsmen revamped stonewalls and arches, reused the original stone pavements (chianche) and redecorated the old furniture. Every little detail respects the rural style of these lands

Borgo San Pietro: Guests at  San Pietro can choose amongst four apartments, each accommodating 4 people. All apartments are fully equipped with everuthing needed by those who want to prepare their meals at their ease.

Bel Vedere: Belvedere is a lovely annex adjacent San Pietro. All the double bedrooms are here. They offer private bathrooms and a stunning view over the valley Agnone stands over.

Place to visit

Agnone: Defined as the likely capital of Higher Molise, the town of Agnone is entirely immersed in arts and nature.
In order to enjoy the artistic magnificence and the thousand of years of history in the dazzling streets and squares of Agnone, let yourself go and admire marble portals and balconies with magnificent railings, outstanding bell towers and churches that spell out history and craftsmanship.

Narrow streets and awesome alleys inside the historical downtown are adorned by raging lions carved in stone, handmade doors and ancient workshops where local gold craftsmen learned the art of filigree making from the Venetians of the XI century. Of the seven doors that initially gave access to the town, it is still today possible to admire the S. Nicola and S. Emidio doors, together with the one known as “Semiurno”. The Bonanni (XIII AD), Nuonno (XIII AD), Apollonio, Fioriti and Santangelo (XIV AD) are worth to recall amongst the ancient palaces of Agnone.

Not to mention the numerous churches: San Emidio showing an elegant facade and a unique gothic portal, San Francesco with the unmatched wood-carved altar of San Crescenzo and the statue of the Immaculate Conception, the church of San Marco the Evangelist with a Romanic portal and the unmistakable bell tower. The bells are indeed the real trademark of the town.

High Molise: Suspended between land and sky. That’s the feeling you get when exploring the diverse territories of the Higher Molise. Higher Molise offers the visitors exclusive landscapes as well as environmental and cultural traits that undoubtedly make it a unique place within the Molise Region.

Powerful historical vestiges, untainted forests, grasslands where raising cattle is still considered a chance of wealth, ancestral traditions and a gastronomy strongly anchored to the rural land, quiet towns that wait to be discovered: these aer the unsurpassed assets that Higher Molise can offer to you. You cannot be indifferent to the beauty offered by places like the gorgeous Agnone, an ancient city of art, awarded by the Italian Touring Club with the Orange Flag Certification (highest rank for respect towards the environment and culture).

Throw yourself into the ancient Samnites history while navigating through spectacular remnants of their civilization at Pietrabbondante, a village perched onto rock cliffs and located at the crossroads between the most stunning Tratturo trails. We invite you to admire spectacular views over the Sangro Valley from Pescopennataro or unforgettable sunsets at Castelverrino.

You’ll find it easy here to forget the time running by.

Welcome to Higher Molise!



(relative only to standard beds). All prices are in Euros.

San Pietro place:

Off Season from January 7 to August 31 and from August 24 to December 19

Peak Season from August 2 to Aug 23 and from December 20 to January 6 ( All religious and Italian work holidays are considered as Peak Season).

Extra Beds: € 20

Dinner € 25 (beverages included) at our agriturismo Masseria Santa Lucia or at selected restaurants. Discounts for children.

Bel Vedere place:

Off Season from January 9 to August 3 and from August 26 to December 21

Peak Season from August 4 to Aug 25 and from December 22 to January 6 ( All religious and Italian work holidays are considered as Peak Season)

Extra Beds: € 20

Dinner € 25 (beverages included) at our agriturismo Masseria Santa Lucia or at selected restaurants. Discounts for children.