Villa Cappelli

Agriturismo, Villa

Via Appia Traiana, 11
70038 Terlizzi BA

Swimming Pool


Garden Room - Queen bed, ancient stone room with private bathroom
Courtyard Room - Queen bed, ancient stone room with private bathroom near courtyard
Guard Room - Queen bed, ancient stone room near villa entrance with private bathroom
Lavanda - Queen bed, on first floor off terrace. Shares bathroom with Primavera
Primavera - Queen bed, on first floor off terrace. Shares bathroom with Lavanda
Princess - Queen bed, features views of the olive grooves and a private bathroom
Lupa - Queen bed, shares a large bathroom with Romulus & Remus
Pompeii - Queen bed, great views on top floor and a private bathroom
Gemini - 2 twin/single beds, great views on top floor, private bathroom accessible through common room
Romulus & Remus - 2 twin/single beds. Shares a large bathroom with Lupa
Appia - Queen bed, views of Via Appia and a private bathroom

2 living rooms
1 fully-stocked kitchen
1 recreation room
Access to large event space and bar next door
There is a video tour of the entire villa on our site.

Facilities & Services

A 40×20 ft pool (12×6 meters) pool
Enormous fully-stocked kitchen complete with a wood-burning brick oven
An extraordinary large terrace with magnificent views
A loggia for eating outdoors
22,000 sq. ft (2000 sq. m) of living space
Chef services available
Cleaning services available
Free Wifi throughout
Concierge Services
Industrial 6-burner stove and oven
Coffee makers
Large monastic garden
Iron and ironing board
Washing machine
Nearby restaurants, shops and attractions
Access to event and bar space next door
Large screen TV & DVD collection
Ping Pong Table
Board games
Linens and towels provided
Local Maps
Local attraction suggestions and guides
Bike rentals and tours available
Shampoo and soap
Baby crib and extra lots available if needed
Massage, tours, and other services available


Relax in comfort on the ancient Via Appia. There’s plenty of room for all your friends and family with over 11 bedrooms and 9 full baths for up to 22 guests. You can enjoy lots of common rooms and spread out to enjoy the entire 22,000 sq ft (2000 sq m) structure. Everyone will find their favourite space, with reading rooms, an enormous fully-stocked kitchen complete with a wood-burning brick oven, an extraordinary large terrace with magnificent views, a loggia that overlooks the luxurious 40×20 ft pool (12×6 meters), and a huge monastic garden full of citrus trees and fresh herbs. You’ll also find Villa Cappelli is conveniently located close to many major attractions.

You can rent the villa by the day, week or longer. During your stay, you’ll have use of a washer, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. Chef and maid services, are also available to make your stay extra enjoyable. When you’re not poolside, enjoy a large screen TV, an extensive DVD collection, a library, a ping pong table and free WiFi through the villa.

We have a small apartment on the premises, so we are always available to ask any questions and provide any services. We are fluent English, Italian, and the local dialect, and know the area well, so we can help with any concierge services you might need, from cooking and cleaning to van rentals and dinner reservations.

Villa Cappelli sits majestically on the ancient Via Appia in the town of Terlizzi, just north-west of Bari in the region of Puglia. No one is quite sure when the villa first sprung up but some historians believe the garden to have once been a 13th-century monastic garden. The “farm” buildings on the property probably date to the 14th and 15th centuries. While the newest additions were probably built in the 17th or 18th centuries, one peculiar location in the villa is believed to be pre-Christian.

The land, filled with fossils from 10 million years ago, is covered by ancient olive groves, vineyards, and fruit trees. The entire villa is completely enclosed by an 18 ft. wall and features a formal half-acre garden planted almost exclusively with citrus trees, roses and lavender.

We've had a range of guests enjoy the villa from all over the world, including members of the British royal family, Bob Tuschman of The Food Network, world famous photographer Paul Freeman, stage and TV director Scott Ellis, reality TV star Fredrik Ekland, the music group Elbow, and many, many families just like yours!

Villa Cappelli promises you an unforgettable, authentic stay in a truly undiscovered part of Italy. Relax and immerse yourself in Italian indulgence — the food, the people, the fun.

Place to visit

Villa Cappelli is central to many surrounding Puglia attractions, none more than an hour away, and most about a half-hour drive. There are the beautiful seaside towns of Polignano A Mare, Trani, and Giovinazzo. Matera, declared Italian host of European Capital of Culture for 2019, is so well preserved it’s where they filmed Passion of the Christ and the latest Ben Hur. Castel del Monte is featured on the back of the Euro Penny and is Unesco World Heritage Site. And don’t miss the spectacular Gargano and the historic Canne Della Batttaglia. There are also the hidden gems of Terlizzi, the town closest to the villa, and Gravina. You can read more about all of them and see pictures on our site.


5,900.00 Euro for a 7-night weekly rental
Room rentals and shorter stays depend on availability