Di Santo Bags

The fashion house 'Di Santo' was born for the willing of the stylist to let people know and appreciate the peculiarity and the uniqueness of the most precious fabrics made in Italy by the most prestigious brands. Many are still produced by a handheld wooden loom, they are collected materials, in the textile and interior design industry, in over 30 years family business. Our 'mission' is to give value to those fabrics with a strong historical and cultural background, and just the incredibile quantity of cloths and raw materials at disposal of the stylist Flavia Di Santo has made possible the birth of this exclusive collection of bags and accessories characterized by the deep inside value 'Made in Italy.'

The bags by 'Di Santo' are unique and numbered pieces, different from each other, made both in a classic and a contemporary style with a particular attention to the realization of all the parts: from the choice of the model, the combination between fabrics and the most refined leather to the details of the seam. All the manufacturing is rigorously handmade in Italy and the cloths have been created by expert artisans. They are sumptuous and artistic, their origins can be found in the Renaissance Italy style, in the early ‘900 Baroque and Art Deco' period, appreciated by a cultured and polished clientele, by women with their own style, outside the time and the box.

The 'Di Santo' production chain has, moreover, the prerogative to contain at most the waste and pays estreme attention to the ecological sustainability of its products made effectively with salvaged materials now with a new life and value. Choose to be unique, choose to wear 'Di Santo'.