KOKKU was born out of love, traditions and family values in 2010. Andrea Usai and his wife Ansula have always remembered key moments of their relationship with a filigree jewel traditionally made in Sardinia by Andrea’s family. Andrea has learned the skills of the filigree metalwork from his uncle (Riccardo). Riccardo has been producing filigree pieces for more than 40 years after being 4th generation filigree artist, having followed the roots from his father, grandfather and great grandfather. As it is normal in the modern economy, Andrea was sent to study in mainland Italy and he started working doing a "modern economy job" for many years until about 8 years ago, Riccardo told Andrea that he may have been stopping his activity and start working somewhere else as the economy and his business were at risk. From that moment Andrea felt the need to learn the skills that Riccardo had carried forward for years and years in his family. Riccardo was very happy with his decision and he welcomed Andrea and his wife warmly to learn the skills of filigree! The traditions carried forward by Andrea and his wife's decision of learning the art of filigree have made sure that the same techniques used hundreds of years ago have survived one more generation. Not only, Andrea is convinced that the traditional methods of filigree metalwork will have much more appreciation in the future and, despite the difficulties due to the current economy and the influence of the mass/low costs productions due to globalization, there is a very bright future awaiting for the pieces of art that only the traditional methods of working the filigree can produce. Andrea and Ansula hope that you enjoy the selection presented here and we would be thrilled if you choose a piece of KOKKU jewelry to celebrate one of your special moments.