Mariani Affreschi

Mariani Affreschi Company has been on the international furnishing market since 1963 and produces the highest quality frescos, wall paintings and artistic interior decorations following the ancient technique of fresco and the traditional method of “strappo da muro” (pulling of the fresco).

Thanks to the co-operation of Masters of Art with prestigious artistic backgrounds, Mariani Affreschi guarantees frescos in any size and design, all of high quality with a certificate of authenticity. The catalogue includes more than 2.000 subjects, from classical frescos (such as reproductions of famous paintings of Michelangelo and Leonardo) to modern frescos (even inspired to Klimt and Mucha); from effective trompe l’oeil to warm still life and religious representations.

Mariani Affreschi has carried out many important projects over the years, realizing fresco paintings and decorations in prestigious private villas and commercial places worldwide. The company has sales representatives in all of the major world markets and exhibits at the main furniture and interior decorations international trade shows.