Skiing Holiday in Abruzzo 20th Feb 2010

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09/08/2009 - 16:14

 Hello I'm travelling to Abruzzo on 20th Feb 2010 for 1 week, with my 4 sons and wanted some suggestions on ski resorts.We went last year to Ovindoli and really enjoyed the skiing.This year before we book accomodation I wanted to know if any of the other ski resorts in the Abruzzo area are worth trying out apart from Ovindoli.Majella looks like it has skiing is it similar to Ovindoli and what do you suggest for accomodation?Appreciate any ideasRegardsDave



 its the main ski area in abruzzo and the best...  the only other real choice is the gran sasso areas...assergi and pietracamella... all the resorts that sit on the east of the apenines..the majella... are basically not really worth thinking of as ski holiday destinations ...more areas that if you happen to be there and by chance there is snow you have a ski...  

Hi, Italy Magazine has recently selected three of the best ski resorts in Italy. us know what your final choice will be! You should find some ideas about equipment charges visiting ski resorts websites:

Roccaraso was a great success for my 14 year old and hubbie (I'm not a skier but the weather was great so I just walked around) . We went for a weekend from Rome but when we tried to book in advance, all the hotels wanted one week bookings. In the end, as they weren't full, we managed to get a room for the weekend by ringing them every evening.

 should have put a useful link in before howevere to get you started here is one... basically a snow prediction site which gives deatils of runs open and amounts of the white stuff... not very useful right now...didnt even get the usuaul summer coating on the corno grande this on the resorts on the map and it takes you to more details including hotels... i like the site because despite our comments regarding where it lists them all ... the map also reminded me that there is also quite a popular resort at campo felice... know nothing about it apart from its popular with romans and i belive has very good cross country runs...anyway have a look at them all i guess and be nice to know what you choose and a few months down the road a report on whats what and how it went..a comparison with the year before would help all of us...

I have also heard a lot of good things about Rocarass, though I have not been there myself. It sound like it's one of the better places in Italy to ski. I've only ever skiied in Switzerland and Austria, but this year I think I will go skiing in Italy. I've started to look up some accommodation options, these are some of the sites I've found: That website has a lot of tourist informatino, and the accommodation page lists bed and breakfasts and apartments. I've also found some rental agency sites though, that list houses and cottages as well as apartments: Otherwise I haven't found too much. I could look into hotels as well but I prefer the idea of renting out a house or apartment, especially since I plan on travelling with a larger group.