Dichiarazione di Agibilità/Inagibilità - anyone know anything about this please?

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09/06/2009 - 09:30

Hi everyone,I wonder if anyone can help with a question;we have a small holiday home close to Terni and a few weeks following the terrible earthquake in Aquila we managed to spend a week or so there and noticed a small crack up the full length of the outside wall where previously a new extension had been added to the original house. We have the house insured and called our insurance company just to ask them what the procedure  was if we wanted to have someone check it out. They emailed us and mentioned a document called Dichiarazione di Agibilità/Inagibilità - from what we understand it is issued by the Commune who come to check things out and give the house a grading.Has anyone had any experience of exactly what this is and what is involved?Many thanks in advance,Peter and Carolyn



It sounds like they are asking you to present the 'certificato di agibilita'...............EVERY house (or so I understand), HAS to have one of these (basically it's a certification from your local comune saying that the dwelling can be 'lived' in by humans !).Again to my knowledge...........one CANNOT sell a property without one of these now...........Good LuckS

 this is not the certificato di agibilità, it is the dichiarazione di agibilità sismica, which is to do with earthquakes and is something different. After the earthquake someone would have come to check out the house as you say and give it a grading. If it is declared inagibile it means you can't live in it until the damage is sorted.You need to go to the comune and tell them you need a copy of the dichiarazione with the grading for insurance purposes.

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Thanks for the helpful feedback folks - will let you know how we get on.Thanks again.

 Perhaps you're both right - Garda certainly is, but the new extension should have a certificazione of agibilità/abitabilità and perhaps the insurance company want to know it wasnt built abusivamente???? ... Id plump for the dichiarazione first and see what the insurance people say.

Hi,Garda is correct, Intasure provide earthquake cover and in fact that is who we are with. Can't remember the exact cost of premiums but it isn't that expensive really, although the excess in terms of a large claim would be quite large - kind of hoping it never comes to that though ;-)