olive grove price per hectare

scott Image
09/11/2009 - 12:16

Hi,Just joined.  I am interested purchasing some property with an olive grove.  Ideally in Liguria but I will consider all options. Does anyone know what is a reasonable price per hectare? Thanks. 


It will depend on too many factors, such as location, number of trees, condition of the existing trees.... Liguria is not cheap, although it is lovely. You will have to make a thorough research to find out about local prices.

A neighbour of ours is selling his 200 sqm due to retirement.  Really well looked after, top quality, including a metal shed and all the equipment right on the border to Tuscany, but still Liguria.  5 years ago he wnted €30,000 now he's down to €20,000 and might even settle for €10,000.  PM me if you're interested I'll put you intouch.