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09/14/2009 - 08:22

 It is a fair old drive from Chester to Amandola but just the fact that we were not adding any more money to the poison dwarfs pocket kept us going , well along with the Espresso .We have spent the past couple of days cutting back the trees overhanging our drive , and started to prepare a 10m X 4m X 25cm base (if anybody has a JCB or similar parked up please get in touch) , this will have a new! (2002) mobile home on it (that’s new in comparison to the 25 year old caravan we have been using for the past 4 years) which will now have to go to a new home!The mobile home we hope to buy is on a British run site near Grimaud and we intend to travel back to the UK via the site and pick the one we want , this company sells of a number of units each year so that they can then replace with brand new .The mobile home will be 28ft X 10ft and have 2 bedrooms and should be suitable to live in for more than the odd week .Our nearest Italian neighbours are Guiseppe and Angela and we usually call in every couple of days for Coffee and cake! , after we had been here a couple of days we walked round to their farm to say hello , well we had the coffee , the cakes , the Risotto , the bread and ham , the wine more coffee , we didn`t get much work done that afternoon , we couldn`t wish for better neighbours , all the best Geoff and Linda .


With the journey.  We had a couple of weeks in Prairie de la Mer at Port Grimaud last year, is your van from there?There seem to be quite a few of us from the northwest on this forum.. having suffered from the north south divide weatherwise in UK this summer there will probably be more before the year is out!

mmm interesting..... do you know if a log cabin can be classed as a mobile home out here? I think you can get away with it in England.  I somehow doubt it as we're even feeling nervous about building a hidden treehouse.Your mention a base for your mobile home - presumably this would be a flat gravelled patch with anti-weed mat underneath? Our forestale get quite antsy about cast concrete which is why we don't put solar panels on them any more.

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Penny the site is Domaine des Naiades , by the way how long did it take you from Grimaud to Calais? , sagralasolar the log cabin was a definate non-starter our Geometra wanted the strength specifications for each joint! yes it will be just gravel and yes it is taking some digging out by hand , Geoff and Linda .

Know the site, friends stayed there years ago.....  took about an hour and a bit as we flew Marseilles to Manchester!  We have driven it in the past, kids from school in the afternoon, down to the Channel by evening, across and setting out late... on the beach by late morning, that is driving non stop through the night, probably about 12 hours?  We now fly...   have tried the train that you strap the car onto, hideously expensive and a lot of messing about at Calais.  My brother now has a house in Le Garde Freinet and we are pondering on driving or flying... if we drive (and I'm going) there will be a couple of night stops...

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Well it has only taken about 6 days but we now have a hole 10mX4m and varies from  10cm to 20 cm deep , all done with a pick axe and a shovel , tommorrow 12 cubic metres of gravel and shuttering should turn up! should keep the barrow working for a day or two , hopefully there will be no storms or we will have a paddling pool and not a mobile home base , Geoff and Linda .