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05/18/2009 - 17:13

Hello Ronald,The PM system - The first line of text doesn't appear at the receivers end or when you see the review!Also David Uno is at Visitor status instead of member - Why? Another thing when he is at my house he cannot log in here from my pc - strange huh?Thank youMox


That explains a lot - thought people were being a bit "short"Helloooo David ! Hope Moxie has fed you? Is it to stop multiple "personalities" posting from the same computer - just a guess?

Strange David should have had that difficulty logging on at your house Moxie.  My keyboard wasn't working on Friday so used the computers at The Apple  Store and I was able to log in.

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David has tried several times with no joy - ho hum...I wondered about IP addresses etc?

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I have recently noticed a little number appear next to 'All messages' under 'Private Messages ' (down the right of the page) telling me how many new messages I've received.  Am I the only lucky one? I recently received a PM which said 'Did you receive the whole of the message?'  How do I know??????

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I get a little number next to my messages if I have one too and all my messages have come through in full. Wonder if it depends on wwhich browser you use. I use Firefox? I wouldn't have thought so but maybe?

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in the private messages a number has started appearing beside the all messages labelmessages come through fine... i think people are talking about just the subject line missing... however this is hard to confirm... unless soemones sends a message with the title line contained within the main text... logging in from another computer appears to be ok... however... there seems to be a system being set up where an approved person gets on and then hands out there details to others.... not saying this is what is happening with david...  but maybe there is some fall out on this...  i know seems stupid that people despite their statements of non interest still want to get here... but there you go... 

David can now log in at my house!The first line of my PMs now work!I get a little number come up beside new messages!Valentina told me that you can get smileys by doing them the old fashioned way (ie semi colon bracket for wink)So PM system is on the up.

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Hip Hip Hip Horray - things are on the up. I think Moxie should be awarded a big shiney medal for posting at 5:02am!