09/15/2009 - 09:16

Seems I've come across a great resource!  Having recently bought a place in the wonderful village of Triora in Liguria, I'm thinking this will prove an excellent 'guide' to all things associated with the 'dolce vita'.Hello All!!))


Hi Carl,thanks for joining the community. Hope you'll get as much knowledge as possible about how things work in Italy, how Italians are and what living in Italy would be like.Please feel free to post any question, I'm sure that many members will be able to give you advice!Buona giornataValentina

Hi Carl and Welcome to the community. I personally have never been in Liguria so far...but I definitely will go. Hear so much about it and have seen beautiful pictures.Are you actually living in the house you recently bought in Liguria? Have a nice daymonica

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Hi Monica,Not living in our house just yet but sure would like to)) We get out there about 5-6 times a year but are really thinking hard about making the move.  I work as a consultant in Moscow, Russia and am hoping that the coming winter will help us make up our mind))Peace, 

Welcome in Liguria, I live in South-Piemonte, a few 100 metres of Liguria (prov. Savona)I've been in Triora a couple of times when we were still looking for a house, loved it very much !  It feels a bit like the end of the world.  (and I mean that in a very positive sense).  Good luck with the house and hopefully you'll find a way to live there soon.