Radio-active Waste in Sea off Southern Italy

09/17/2009 - 04:24

Did anyone catch the news item yesterday on the discovery that the Italian Eco Mafia have sunk at least 3 boats in the sea off South West Italy with yellow containers full of what is believed to be radioactive waste?A mafia informer has apparently come forward with this information.I've looked on the main news sites for Italy and cannot find anything more about it.Legambiente have a small story on their home 



Apparently this group has been in possession of the 'recently revealed' infomation for 15 years !!!! They know that the eco-mafia have been regularly disposing of toxic waste in the seas off italy polluting not only Italian territorial waters but also other country's territory as well!You might ask yourself why no-one in government wanted to act on the evidence that Legambienti presented to them over and over again during this 15 year period! Sadly If you have any experience of Italian politics both local and national you will not be at all surprised at their lack of interest.Meanwhile you might want to avoid seafood not just in Calabria where the current dumping has occured but possibly from all over Italy.BTW the mozzarellas a bit dodgy too something to do with dioxins and toxic waste dumps around Naples.