New guidelines for EC citizens on residence and healthcare

09/16/2009 - 05:27

The recent circular no. 18 of 2009 updates the previous guidelines on Law 30 of 2007 (rights of residence of EC citizens)Download from this Ministero dell'Interno link: gives new clarrification for EC members who need to show "sufficient means" when applying for residence and confirms the use of the E111 (TEAM) card for access to healthcare for short term residents ie students and workers.Charlotte 



I am in the process of applying for residency and naturally the healthcare side is giving problems. We have decided to go private, at least to start with, and have asked our insurance agent to quote a suitable policy. He, of course, asked the comune what they require for suitability, and that's where everything has ground to a halt. They simply don't know, and are not prepared to commit themselves. The comune have "gone upstairs" for an instruction, but I guess whoever they went to doesn't know either.I wonder if this latest circular contains any guidance?

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 It does contain some general comments. This circular is based on new European Commission guidelines so is applicable to any member state.It confirms that the health cover can be taken out in any member state and must be complete so that there will be no burden on public funds on the host country.Be prepared if your health cover is not taken out in Italy to have to translate it.Charlotte 

Looks like a call to Saga to see if they can extend my present UK policy for EU cover. I'll come back if I get any positive response.Terry