Slow loading Etc.

10/05/2009 - 13:03

RonaldWhat is happening with this site as regard to the connection speed etc. I can usually go for a coffee and cigarette before anything loads. I am on a ADSL connection and every other site I visit loads virtually straight away.The message in the little box before I posted this, said that I do not have Javascript enabled, but according to firefox it is enabled and check marked.Logging out, I have to do twice and then I get access denied ........ even logging in has to be completed twice.


If there isnt a storm brewing, and the first indication of this here is that the internet is very iffy, this is fast for me, I never log off, but sometimes am required to log in again. Dont ask me why this works I am the least computer literate on this site!.A

  Not quite sure what the issues you are having are - I find the website relatively responsive. let me know if it persists and if anyone else is having the same slow response.

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We too have found that the pages of IMC load much slower today than usual and we have fairly fast broadband here even though we are in the countryside.  All other website we visited load at the usual speed, so not sure what has changed here? Like Angie, our connection goes down if a storm is on its way, but with the beautiful weather we have been having recently, I don't think this is the issue.  Any one else having similar problems?

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Mine has always loaded slowly - I reported it way back... I have ADSL and every one of the other sites I visit load much faster. It is ONLY this one that is always so slow Ronald....