Process for Notifying Utilities Providers of Residence Status

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10/13/2009 - 01:40

So now my wife has residence status we want to go about the process of notifying ENEL etc so reduced bills will be issued for these services. Does this apply to water, electric, telephone and town gas (if you have it) only? Anything else? Can anyone advise on the process for this? Is it simply a case of sending a letter to the provider with a copy of the certificate of residence?Antinello


Enel will send you a form to complete - you should request it by phone if possible, and they will send you it when they're ready.  It needs to be completed and returned.   

 Not by my experience! Numerous phone calls, faxes and help from my Italian friend Roberto have so far not achieved this feat. I have sent two copies of my residency certificata, copies of my ID card, I have purchased a franca di bollo and stuck it on my certifcata as requested (15 Euros!) and then had to do allt the same for my wife (why?) and the latest ploy is to tell us that the original account is not our address! ( strange how they manage to collect the bill money). A self certiication form has been filled out and duly sent away. Will this work ?, who knows?