Swimming Pools & Lifeguard Laws?

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10/14/2009 - 08:40

Does anyone know the law regarding swimming pools and lifeguards? I own a property with a shared pool. The builder is tell us the pool can only be used when a life guard is present which is fine in July and August but other times it is not financially viable to pay a life guard to be there. I know other sites with shared pools do not have a lifeguard at all, who's right?



the exact measurement may vary slightly from region to region but basically (here) the pool in order not to incurr the necessity to have a life guard has to average a depth not superior to 1m40cm,a maximum depth of 1m60' with a slope not superior to 2%if the pool is deeper or even a plunge pool then the lifeguard stuff kicks in  .if the pool is open to anyone the life guard thing is automatic regardless of depth.pretty ridiculous but there it is.makes pools even more of a luxury without pleasure (no diving etc) 

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Dear SebastianoMany thanks for your reply. I think I understand what you are saying but how can clarify this for our area (Calabria)?I don't where to go to find out.Thanks again for your helpTina 

Not OFFICIAL LifeguardsI was under the impression that 'you' as the owner etc could be assigned the post of lifeguard, I'm not aware that any official training requirements are necessary. A previous answer is correct with regards the depth of the pool (greater than 1.4m)