Dear All,Further to my original post below:www.italymagazine.

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10/22/2009 - 03:33

Dear All,

Further to my original post below:


News finally breaks that a New Company called Seagle Air has taken over the UK to Calabria Slot - namely Luton to Lamezia.


Reference to their webiste does not clarify when routes start or indeed how you purchase tickets? Not sure at this early stage as to the answers to these two questions. At face value looks very interesting - time will tell if they "lease" the route to a 3rd Party and that ticket sales are bought via the 3rd Party e.g. Tui/Thomsonfly etc.




Mickey "O"





I saw the same details and was very interested but a little more digging revealed an item saying it was an East European outfit and that they didn't have a plane under 18 years old. Before I book I think I will check further as to whether this is true. I wouldn't like to fly in a Sopwith Camel, at least until the weather gets warmer.