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10/21/2009 - 14:52

I am planing  to have Italian television programmes ( Rai 1 , 2 , 3 etc). and having English programmes via a sky dish at my home in Le marche.Question Do i buy my Television from the UK or do i buy in Italy.Price , frequency etc .I would be glad for your feed back GRAZIA SHAUN



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prices (even when exchange rate was £ =€1.20 (do you remember when we thought THAT was bad)) were much higher in Italy.  Problme is transporting though - we had a van going out with furntirue, bedding etc sso it went in that.  If you drive you could take it but I wouldn't trust baggage handlers with a tv. Chris

With all electrical goods, we have found the prices in the UK are markedly cheaper, allied to the fact that if your Italian is not good, the instructions might cause you the odd problem, as we had with our Italian washing machine. Unfortunately, just because Bosch has a model in Italy, it does not mean it has that model anywhere else.As for reliability, modern LCD televisions are extremely reliable with the likes of John Lewis offering 5 year warranty's. Try it for a couple of weeks before you go and it should be fine. However, as Chris says, bagage handlers take no prisoners so if you are not driving, ignore what I have just said. One of my abiding memories of landing at Fiumicino a few years ago was the suitcases and bags lying around the airfield where they had fallen off a baggage trolley.   Charlie 

We only wanted a 32 inch tv which we bought in UK for just over £300 (Costco).  At the time we couldn't find anything comparable for less that about €600  - other electricals (washer, oven, fridge etc) we got v good prices at elettroidea in Comunanza but TVs etc were very expensive.If you are only takin TV it''s not worth shipign cos but if you can get it in the car on an already planned visit then buy in UK.  Not sure John Lewis extended warranty covers items abroad though so you woudl have oto get it home if if needed repairing. Chris

Personally I price both here and the UK, then it's a judgement call.My LCD TV I got from Media world and a new Amp from Amazon. Amazon will send most thing to Italy now with the painful exception of Media storage(DVD's, Hard drives etc). I would agree with Whoever wrote about instructions, usually I don't have a problem, but a Samsung DVD recorder without English was a real struggle.I would not worry about warrenties as if the thing works out of the box, it is going to last till a week after the warrenty expires, if it is for 1 year or a 100. Mark

MarkIf you want blank media, hard drives etc, try this site below. I have placed 2 orders with them so far and both have arrived within 7 days. Suggest you order as much as possible as the minimum shipping cost is £20.00. For my last order I had 100 cds, 100 dvds, 200 heavyweight photo paper, 200 dvd cases plus 15 ink cartridges and it only cost the £20 postage. Their prices are also better than Amazon.

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Have a look at these sites; I've ordered blank CDs and DVDs from them; they deliver by TNT or SDA, and are very good value for money. They also have a newsletter service and are very comprehensive in their service to clients; and I've found them faster and cheaper than Amazon

Hey Badger; thanks for your feedback; I'll certainly consider the alternatives. Never heard of Taiyo Uiden, but presume that if you're confident to buy in quantity then they must be good quality. I use blank DVDs very infrequently (Just for interest/or not...I have a team building activity using Rugby as a metaphor, and we film the participants and produce a follow up DVD for them) so maybe 10/12 DVDs a year if that.

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Good option. Watch it in bars and pizzerias. Sociable, no canone, lower heating costs. make friends!

I think the decision on whether you need a TV at all depends upon what the house is used for. If its your permanent home, then a TV is probably a good idea.  BUT, if its a holiday home - don't get one! I was advised by an Italian friend not to get a TV [especially one that received UK channels] for my holiday home as it encourages people to sit inside and not to go out. I decided to delay the TV purchase for a year or so, to see whether she was right [I wasn't convinced at the time]. And you know what? - she was right.  We do more on holiday [walking reading, watching the sun go down over the Alps etc] than we would have and don't miss the TV at all.  In fact its nice to get back to the UK and ask "Whats happened in the last 2 weeks? So try the place without a TV for a year or so.  [You can always go to the local Bar for an occasional 'fix' if necessary"

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We have had our little casa now for just over 2 years & although its used as a holiday home for now we do not have a TV.In fact we dont even miss having one although in England we seem to be glued to rubbish!! When in Italy we stay outside more looking at our view or just sipping the odd glass of wine !We are not going to buy a tv until we live fulltime in Italy. We do have a radio on though  thats plays a lot of english music, we try to follow the rapid italian but fail miserably!!!

We recently got a dish for UK channels and I really regret it. I'm reminded that money-based production values have reduced UK TV to mainly portraying some of the very worst aspects of UK society and now it's being sent to my home in Italy.Problem now is how to convince 'er indoors that that's the case. We just might have to develop a fault with the connection........