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11/04/2009 - 21:39

I'm doing a bit of research on Italians who helped escaping PoWs and have come across a photo with the following written on the back:Montefalcone li 25-6-1944 (A Piceno)Mio dovere come patriota, lasciarvi a tutti il ricordoFamiglia xxxx, xxxx xxxxAt least that's the best an English reading of Italian handwriting can make out!I think it means "My duty as a patriot" (possibly a standard resistance phrase???) then something about leaving you all with a memory???I'd be grateful for any help with that second bitI've blanked out the family name but anyone familiar with the area may well know it and possibly descendants of the family concerned.  If you are interested, pm me Many thanks in advance



'lasciarvi a tutti il ricordo' literally means 'I'll leave you all the (or this) record'; probably intending that the photo is left for those who come after as a pictorial record / archive. In some respects 'ricordo' could be interpreted as 'memory' used as a noun.Andrew; Colli del Tronto AP

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Thanks Nigel - and I've tracked down a copy of the book that is referred to "The Way Out" by S African Uys Krige - PoW for 2 years in Abruzzo

I agree with the above translations. It all depends on whether the word "ricordo" refers to just the photograph or perhaps some other documents which were enclosed. The words, and in Spanish they are very similar, remind me of similar photos and notes which are kept in an archive that keeps personal documents related to the Spanish Civil War.