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11/05/2009 - 23:15

 Hello,This is a short note to explore how do this.  I am in the US in Arizona. I just took my first trip to Italy on a tour to Tuscany. It was wonderful.  I want to go back and I would love to live there. I am sure it is a reaction many people have.  I am a Clinical Social Worker who is interested in what it would be like for a 57 year old woman to move to Italy.  Do many people move to Italy who are older?  Anyone have that experience?  I will need to read more on the site to explore these issues.Thank you in advance for any information.Karyl


Hello Karyl and welcome! Your question is a difficult one. People of all ages move to Italy for different reasons. Some find that it is right for them, some consider it a mistake and return to their homelands. To move to another country is not an easy decision, sometimes you are forced to do it but when you are able to decide freely, you must consider very many aspects before taking the plunge. Ask yourself questions such as:Why am I really moving to Italy? If it is because you are unhappy at home, then, try to find why is it so because you may have the same problems in Italy.How am I going to survive in Italy? Do I have enough money to do it?What about my family and friends in the USA? Will I miss them?And also, you need to speak Italian. That is a must if you want to lead a normal life.Other members may be able to add more questions to this small list.We all do things for different reasons, you may have yours, they could be very valid and perhaps your fate takes you to Italy. But do not look at this project through rose-tinted glasses.Whichever is your decision I wish you good luck and all the best.

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Thank you for your response.  Your questions are very good ones.  I am looking at all of those things.  You don't get away from your problems by moving that is for sure.  I thought if I wrote about this possibility of a move and possibilities I would be challenged.  I have been and I am glad I wrote.  I have time to consider all of these questions.  I have visits planned next year and much thinking and planning to do.Thank you again.

Hi Karylvery happy you joined the community.Many lovers of Italy are considering to move to Italy, so I'm pretty sure many members will help you reporting their own experience.Personally, I lived in France for almost an year. It has been easier for me since I already knew where to live and what to do there. Thanks to my job I soon created a little community of friends (Italians couldn't go anywhere without Friends). So the distance from home was less painful. The only thing I suddenly noticed was the difference of people behavior (Italians are well known to be one of the warmest population in Europe) and of food attitudes (I couldn't spent a day without pasta!, but luckily I had enough time to buy my favourite products to the supermarket and cook them at home).I really liked the french lifestyle. And after some months I appreciated anything that place had to offer. In the end I can say it has been a great experience.My only advice is to be open to a different culture, food and lifestyle.Hope that the magazine and the community could give you more support and feedback about how thinks works in Italy. The News stories ( keep you updated with what's going on in Italy, while the Feature stories ( describe places, food, property and other aspects of life in Italy.Best wishes for your future decision, please keep us updated!Valentina

 Valentina,Again thank you for your reply and others.  It is very nice to hear about others experiences.  The learning of different cultures and food and lifestyles sounds exciting.  I will take advantage of the news stories.  I appreciate your response.Karyl

Hi Karyl, and  Welcome! Well, what to say, Gala is right: your question is a difficult one. However, let me tell you my own personal experience. I am a bit younger (28) and moved to Italy more or less 10 years ago. I have always been fascinated by Italy, especially the South, as my parents and Grandparents (immigrants who moved to Germany) never stopped talking about the beautiful BEL PAESE. So, once taken my A-Levels, I decided to move to Naples as an Erasmus student going to an italian University. A whole year passed and I fell in love so much with Italy that I did not want to move back to Germany. Now, almost 10 years have passed and I am still here, enjoying everything italian (good things as well as bad things of course), sometimes complaining about it...but I never thought it was a wrong decision to stay in Italy. Now this is my real home, I learned Italian very quickly (thanks also to University and a lot of friendly people over here) and cannot think but become old over here. I have to say that I sometimes miss home and old friends, but when I think about the beautiful weather, the historical and cultural background which made me come to Italy and the fact that my friends love to visit me, and of course by italian boyfriend :-) ...I truly believe that moving to Italy was one of the best decisions I ever made!You just have to really want it. Maybe it would be helpful to visit Italy, or specifically Tucany, more than once and experience your feelings whilst there...then you can decide. Tuscany won't will wait for you...Just let us know what you will be doing...Regards, Monica 

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 Monica,Thank you for your note.  How lovely that you took those chances when you are young.  That is wonderful.  I am planning some visits in the future.  I want to explore and figure out if this will be for me.  I shall see.  I like your statement,  Tuscany won't escape.. it will wait for you..Take care.Karyl

Monica's advice is correct. You must make several trips, visit different areas until you find the one that really suits you and make a lot of research before you make any definite move. And we all look forward to hearing more from you and your plans.

Hi,As someone who is 59 and just moved to Le Marche in June this year I can only agree with all the comments. I had taken slightly early retirement, had in earlier years visited 4 different parts of Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Venice & the Veneto and Le Marche) , had fallen in love with the country but had to think very carefully about the decision to move. I was living in Scotland and didn't fancy waking up to the rain and grey weather for the rest of my life. I have only a small family to leave behind and in reality I would probably see more of them if they came to visit than via phone calls and occasional meetings etc. I just took the plunge, put my flat on the market and when it eventually sold, drove out here to look for an apartment - did not want a restoration project or to be isolated in the country. I gave a lot of agents my specific requests but beware - a lot of them just ignore what you say and try to sell you places they want to get rid of. I eventually found an agent who actually listened and within 2 days had found my apartment. I won't go into the ins and outs of buying, that can wait until you get here. I was very lucky to find that a couple from the Forum who had helped with my questions actually lived within 15km from me and they have been incredible. The language is important - I am trying the Michel Thomas discs but also looking for a local class too as I need to be pushed! As I'm on my own and getting on, I don't feel comfortable sitting in bars just yet - maybe when I'm somewhat fluent.Good luck to you - send me a personal message if you think I can be of more help.Hazy

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 It is great that you took the plunge.  I am impressed. I need to see different parts of Italy as well.  I would like to continue working at something but that may not happen with the economy in Italy.  I have to access so much.  All the questions that Gaie asked were very relevant. I just hope that I can take the plunge in the future as well.I will be interested in how you are doing with the language as you go along.Thanks for sharing your experience.Karyl

Wow Arizona.......memories!!!Having visited on a number of occasions, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, McDowell, Phoenix..................I say........... why would you move from there !!? here in Italy , the world is WONDERFUl, it seems like it hasn't quite caught up with ALL of the bad things that are happening in the 'old' world...............(although I think they are probably still to be met somewhere ahead !).It's a bit like stepping backwards 30/40 years, where the family unit is 'king', and as such people tend to totally respect their elders (especially outside  of the major cities), life is one long holiday (for us), and,  once one moves here, you think, why didn't I do this earlier !!??Rose tinted spectacles aside........................the legal system is LLOONNNGGG winded, and everyone seems to want a cut of the deal. The language (for us) is challenging, but given all that, we are VERY happy here.Rent first to see if it suits you and you suit it !!Good luck,S

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 Well Arizona has its unique beauty with being in the Southwest and the desert, I was drawn to Italy and the rolling hills, the vistas, the lovely villages and the people.  The family is so important it seems.  The spirit seems calmer and soothing.  It was a little cooler than 115 degrees.  I still have so many places to explore before a move but I think having the dream and moving toward a goal is important.  I have been looking at the legal issues and I am starting to explore this as well. It seems confusing.I have thought about the language issue and will be working on that absolutely.  The plan would be to rent and find where is best for me.  Thank you all for these notes.  It is great.  I have never done this writing online before.Karyl