Correct way to dispose of old defunct TV

11/09/2009 - 04:39

Now we have our new and kindly donated TV, please can anyone tell me the correct way to dispose of our old one.thanksA



Don't stick it in a Roadside Bin, like I saw a 'Local' doing in one near where we live. Seems Italians have an aversion to using proper disposal facilities by the number of TVs. Car Batteries, kitchen units, furniture I see dumped besides the Bins.

Me...roadside bin, Gromit how could you even think it!. But on a walk near to us yesterday it was obvious that someone had taken the trouble to drive past the bins at the top of our road, to then chuck their rubbish over a steep bank and down onto our neighbours fields, perhaps they like the idea of disposing of their stuff whilst enjoying a beautiful view...A 

Normal 0 0 1 50 285 2 1 350 11.1282 Normal 0 0 1 50 285 2 1 350 11.1282 0 0 0 0 0 0 I was quite impressed the other day when I saw them collecting all the stuff that people had thrown from their car into the gutter with a JCB.  I was sitting there thinking ‘ Wow, they actually do care about this’ as I watched them pick up a bucket full of bottles, plastic bags, etc.  And then dump it all into the hedgerow at the side of the road.  Mark