Ciao tutti

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11/10/2009 - 17:36

Hey folks,Just wanted to say hi, I have read a number of posts on here but thought it only polite to sign up and write some things of my own!I lived in Umbria for a year back in 2006, absolutely loved it. I was living and working at a hotel in the countryside so really got to see and live the Italian dream. Since then, I spent some time in the Alps skiing and for the last two and a half years have been working in the UK. I always knew I would not be here permanently, and a couple of weeks ago I resigned so that I can move back to Italy, specifically Milan. I am planning on finishing working at the end of January and arriving in Milan at the start of February. The plan is that I will spend the first four weeks in an intensive language course, (I picked up quite a bit during my year there and am doing studies here every day after work just to get a head start), and during that time sort out a shared apartment in the city. I am currently working in IT for an Investment Firm and hope to do something similar or even move into more of a Banking role, hence my choice of Milan. I figured that at 26 I can still offer the enthusiasm of youth, but also a bit of experience too!Anyway, hope this finds you all well, and I will no doubt have some questions in the coming months I hope you can help out with!Ci sentiamo presto,J


Good for you James, taking the bull by the horns and doing something your heart says.  I did a similar thing a hundred or so years ago and went to live in Cyprus, pre tourism etc., and worked over there.  What an experience to look back on and so glad I did it. Unfortunately the war over there in 1974 meant I had to come back to the UK as I was living in Nicosia, right in the middle of everything.And now I have done a similar thing again all these years later and am moving to my lovely old house in Italy. I wish you well, have a fantastic life and adventure.Maralyn