Sky Pass Ricarica Cards

11/16/2009 - 18:36

As we are not in Italy all year round it is not economic that we subscribe to the more expensive Sky monthly package so we have the basic and have purchased a Sky Pass to view football matches - from UK and Champions League etc.  Our problem is that it has been impossible to find the ricarica cards for sale near us in Northern Lazio (Viterbo province) except in one shop in Viterbo.   Though it is only some 25 kms away the shop location and the traffic systems to be negotiated make it a pretty unpleasant experience!  Has anyone else found this problem with buying Sky Pass ricarica cards and, more importantly, have any community members who live in our area found other outlets which sell them?



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Hi Alan and thank you for your reply.  Yes, you can recharge the Sky Pass by phone and, it is easy to do, as we have set it up with one of our Italian mobile phones so a text message to Sky is all that is needed BUT the problem is that you have to have the 16 digit PIN from the new recharge card ......  and you can only buy the recharge card in Sky shops.  Although the website says the recharge cards are available from "Sky Center and Sky Service" shops this is not the case.  We have tried many of the small shops providing Sky services in our area and they do not have the recharge cards.  They point us in the direction of the Viterbo shop I mentioned in my earlier post.  I got excited last week when I was in Italy as the GS supermarket on the outskirts of Viterbo had some flyers up saying they sold the Sky recharge cards but when I asked they said that they did not have them.  It seems to be very easy to get Mediaset recharge cards but not Sky recharge cards.  Perhaps there is not the demand ........  or perhaps there is some other reason!!

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Hi Jenta.  Yes - you can buy a few at the same time - they last a year I think from when they are used ie when you have communicated the new PIN to Sky.  We did buy 2 at 25 Euros each when we were in Viterbo in October and then kicked ourselves for not buying a couple more in order to avoid all the hassle.  I was just wondering if any Community members local to us had found any other outlets which sell them.  Thank you though for your good advice.  Wish we had been a bit more forward thinking when we bought the last lot.   In season there are so many English football matches on Sky that the credit soon gets used up.  I don't watch the football much but my husband does.  It is my job as the better Italian speaker to track down and buy the cards!