So in the past year we have been told that

11/29/2009 - 07:08

So in the past year we have been told that the main reasons for accidents in Italy are drinking, foreigners and now smoking. Strange, I thought it was mainly because of the wombats who like to overtake on blind bends and the like.






I heard this on the news yesterday and wondered how long it will be before cigarettes become a class C drug.The percentage quoted is spurious and is no doubt founded on the basis that if an unfinished cigarette butt is found at the scene of an accident, well it must have been because the driver was distracted whilst lighting up. Rubbish of course.Smoking, whilst driving and using a mobile phone at the same time, is something I see so often here in Italy and sometimes whilst the person is filling their car up in the gas station! Mobile between shoulder and ear, fuel nozzle in one hand and fag in the other. You have to laugh, albeit outside of the potential vapour cloud explosion zone.Whilst I do accept that some accidents are caused by lighting up (I am a smoker and once dropped a lighted cigarette in my lap, which certainly distracted me!), there a hundred and one other things that distract people whilst driving, which are not illegal as far as I know. Here are a few others that I have witnessed or done myselfHaving an argument with passenger( s ) and/or other drivers and/or pedestriansPutting on sunglassesTaking off sunglassesAdjusting said sunglasses whilst looking in rear view mirror to get the right lookTrying to find another radio station in Italy where the signal doesn't fade after 5km.any many more.... please add your own favouritesThe illegal activities (under "driving without due care and attention") would probably include ( and no I haven't done all of these!)Eating something that requires to be held for more than one bite - an apple a no no, a tic tac... maybeDrinkingApplying make upSex (having/giving/receiving/watching others) - but perhaps not in all regions of ItalyTaking coat/jacket/jumper off (or putting on, but not necessarily immediately following the line above)I think the day is looming where I'll just have to quit smoking. 

at brings us back to driving .i usually have to go of to the Times on line to get a driving buzz. As i have now leather interior in the truck  thought it might be good to smoke little in there(?) so now the problem is searching for the chewing gum (in order not to smoke) then trying to get the plastic cap off the cylinder (whilst driving)....all the other points were spot on (especially arguing with passengers and other drivers) there are however just a few missing points which are :sat navs pretty little things but they hardly know a road from a cart track and can get very involving whilst driving.  Another is probably rather local but it's wild this area two people, that i know, in as many weeks havie written off their cars due to wild boar.They did not run into the boar it was the opposite so surely the government will legislate against these ferocious beasts (?) I suspect that around here the biggest cause of accidents is just plain total, bog standard,distraction. Given that one drives around on silent empty roads you start looking and yes there's Giovanni he's finished picking the olives oh yes over there it's graziano whats he doing in that field.....aah thats the wife of paolo wonder where she's going dressed like that...then round the corner there's a "wombat on the wrong side of the road toh there's yer accident - altro che il fumo!    

 surely its better then for everyone to start smoking if they only cause 15 % they are much safer than the 85 % that dont.. i have managed to stop smoking whilst driving...  seems like i should start  again...