Moving to Basilicata

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12/25/2009 - 05:27

Hi We are moving from Cornwall UK to Basilicata (near Moliterno) in April/May 2010.  We want to find the cheapest way of moving our belongings.  We are not planning to move large items of furniture (perhaps a few mattresses and a couple of tables/desks), but mainly small items and boxes containing books, crockery, clothing etc.  I would appreciate any advice on the cheapest and best way to do this.  Also we are planning to drive our car with our dog to Basilicata from Cornwall.  Any suggestions on the best route and motels that accept dogs. Thanks and Buon Natale Sandra


  Hello Sandra We came over to live in North Calabria, just over a year ago, from Yorkshire and drove over with our two dogs.  We used Eurotunnel and did not have any problems at all.  There are ample hotels which will take dogs on route. Drop us a pm if you would like any further information. Best of luck Sue & Pete