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01/05/2010 - 09:14


 Hi everyone, We have recently bought a holiday home in Bagni di Lucca, does anyone know where to buy reasonably priced furniture in this area? (Hopefully I have posted this in the correct part of the site) Thanks

Hi  We're in Liguria and I check on the map where you are and it's about the same distance from Genoa.  We rented a van and went to Ikea, I know it's not to everyones taste but it did the trick and matches our property. Good luck

hi there, we also have a holiday home in Bagni (actually in Ponte a Serraglio) Two best places for cheap furniture are MondoConvenienza just about 2k from Pisa Airport (on the Fi-Pi-Li towards Firenze, or Ikea in Firenza, also easy to get to, take the Autostrada to Firenze from Lucca and take the first exit just after the Toll booths.  We also bought beds from Giannini in Bagni, just past Conad, Christina who runs the shop is really nice and very helpful. Hope this helps

Congratulations and hope you'll be very happy there! We certainly love Bagni and feel completely relaxed the moment we arrive - very nice when escaping the stresses and strains of modern life!

 Well you've chosen a great area to holiday in. We live just outside Bagni for the past 2 years and love the area. Re Furniture the cheapest place is  Mercatino Usato , in Via Acquacalda Lucca (0583 496920). Close to Carrefour. They sell all sorts of furniture, rugs etc at rock bottom prices as it's all second hand but good quality. Hope to see you around. Ciao G Near the      

 Hi, Many thanks for your suggestions. We are looking forward to taking our first holiday in our new home at Easter. To reach the point of being able to buy furniture is really exciting for us as it has taken us approx 3 years to renovate it. This is a great site , so many interesting and useful contributions. thanks.

Best wishes for 2010 from another neighbour. Bagni di Lucca is a lovely place.  The furniture addresses you have been given are fine. Careful with the Mercatino dell' Usato, sometimes they charge too much for certain second hand items. If you like antique and vintage furniture, there is the market at Lucca on the 3rd Sunday of each month. You can pick up some nice pieces there at reasonable prices, particularly towards the end of the day... if they haven't been able to sell too much. Always ask for a discount. You usually get it.