New Member - Quite Confusing!!

05/22/2009 - 13:41

I can only assume that all members are 'Rocket Scientists' and will I ever understand the workings of this Community Collective?I am typing here but I have no idea where it is going or who will read it.Don't larf, I am old and I am trying to live in this century with some sort of knowledge of it.Anyone who can guide me would be very much appreciated. 


Hello Daddy,Don't worry it does take some getting used to - so long as you didn't click on public your post will only appear to those of us in the Clubhouse and The big R (Ronald).All of the questions you might have regards functionality will have been asked and answered so when you have three hours to spare you can read everything !Luv ya PopsPs Change yer avatar it's embarrassing!!!

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 Wotcha Papadoc oops Papamox, I think that most of us are still a little dazed and confuzed. The fog will lift and it will all be so simple very soon. Spot the optimist! No really, I've spent very little on this and I now have a slight working knowledge. Your daughter spends a good half hour each day on it, that's why she's a bit of a wiz. ( Ok maybe a bit intelligent and geeky minded!) Welcome to our clubhouse. It's mainly cut offs and leather in here, not compulsory it?  

Hi DavidUno,A belated thank you for your welcome. It may take longer cos the 'boss' won't allow me half an hour a day on here.Perhaps she should join herself .....  mmm!!We went biking yesterday to help keep fit - I did my back in and can hardly walk today - Think I'll stop all this keep fit stuff.Glad you said, I was sitting here in my wellies and overcoat - I have put on a pair of leather gloves now, hope that's ok?Gotta go, breakfast calls, the food in italy is magnificent, but they don't do a breakfast like the full English - probly why they're  healthier than us.....    

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Hi Jinty,No I'm nothing like moxie - my hair is a lot shorter for a start and I look much younger than she does..... shhh! Don't tell her I said that, even if it's true.Thank you for the welcome, still not sure what the L i'm doing tho'.Papamoxie

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You COULD pose this as a quiz question Andrew and raise some money for the fund ?  Jinty