Saluti da Sulmona

01/11/2010 - 06:20

  My husband and I moved to Sulmona in the Abruzzo towards the end of last year. We have a 14 month old daughter and we also brought one of our dogs with us too. I've just started teaching English at the local language school and we are planning to buy a property here where we can start a holiday business. Would love to chat to others who: Live in the Abruzzo Have small children Teach English Are involved in the holiday business ...and anyone else who shares a common interest  I have been writing a blog but I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the URL here.  Oh and we are English from near Oxford.


Welcome to the Community! Best wishes for your new life in Italy! Hope the move hasn't been too hard for your family. Your children could become bilingual, which I find great! Why don't you have a look at our Property section, you may find your deal! I love Oxford! I've visited the city and its University once. Buon 2010 (duemila e dieci)!

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Thank you Valentina for your reply to my intro post.  We have looked at your property section, and dipped in and out of it, but with no prices and no locations more specific than 'Abruzzo' it's a little frustrating.  Any plans to upgrade the usability of this section?  Katy

Thank you Russ for your reply.  We loved Teramo and to be honest it was our 'back up' if Sulmona didn't work out.  Our first thought was also B&B, but we decided that until our little one is a little older it's not a good lifestyle match for us.  That plus my working hours are afternoons & evenings and I'm the one who speaks the better Italian.  Right now we are looking for 2 properties - one for us to live in in Sulmona CS and another villa / apartments within one hour of here to let out as a weekly holiday rental business.  Would love to pick your brains about markets (Italian, UK and beyond etc) as my background is in marketing.  Do you have a web site for your B&B which I could look at?  Thanks.  Katy

Hi Tartuffa, the section property in Abruzzo contains up to 81 pages so I imagine it is a little time-consuming.  You can browse listings according to your preferences from the Property for Sale landing page You can browse listing by type too. Just click on the Italian Property menu  tabs.  I've selected a page for you, the first two listings seem to be the kind of property you are looking for. and if you click on the Business tag, you'll find even more. Anyway, if you want sort them by price, click on the "price" button on the top of the listings. Good luck!