Is traveling solo in Calabria safe post-Rosarno rioting 1/2010?

01/28/2010 - 14:20

In light of the January, 2010 rioting of foreign migrant workers in Rosarno, Calabria, do any of you have safety advice for me as I plan a solo long stay in Trebisacce (CO) along the Ionian coast? Mind you, I am aware of the overly negative sensational reporting that exists in the press portraying Calabria as some sort of "Wild West."  I've always believed ANY region has its "dangerous zone."  Nevertheless, the Rosarno incident and travelling solo have made me somewhat anxious. I would greatly appreciate any advice from those of you who are living or travelling in Calabria now since the media is not always truthful.



I guess you would be safe even if you were African actually! You cannot generalize things... if that happened in January, it is not said it has to happen again... Last year the earthquake in Abruzzo...the love for this Region did not end just becuase things happened and I know very many people who go back to Abruzzo... So don't worry will have a great time in Calabria!!!

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. . .and you make a good point about moving on after incidents, be they natural or man-made.  I will not push any panic button. . .especially since la bella Italia has seen many far worse setbacks throughout history. . .and she is still standing!

Hi Poeta,  Calabria has received a great focus recently in the media, but you should see it from a "political" point of view. What happened is currently on debate in the Italian Parliament "immigration in Italy" so media talked about Calabria, as an issue that add more troubles to an already existing situation. Tourists are warmly welcomed. Calabria has a lot to offer and I think that people really appreciate when someone come and visit their land. On the other hand, if I'd were you, I would look for as much info as possible about documents that you should hold with you during your stay (es. patente if you want to drive) so to avoid to get negative surprises during your staying. Don't hesitate to post any other question for more info about living in Italy! To have a clear background of what happened in Rosarno I advice you to read the news reported by Pat Eggleton:

. . .your response and article link were very candid and informative, particularly the loop of video clip in the article link that showed the conditions Rosarno migrants endured and actual residents expressing their frustration. . .we here in the USA got none of these important details to see how political the riots were! So, what's so new about that!  Sweeping la miseria under the rug is typical of all self-interested governments (including my own USA). . .the devastation of Haiti was the accumulative effect of decades of American corporate exploitation and government interference in Haitian politics and economy. . .all for American self-interest. So when la miseria comes to a head. . .be it earthquake in Haiti or rioting in Rosarno. . .we expose la carogna in government and society, no?  Specifically, who is hiring these migrants at slave wages. . .without housing. . .like beasts of burden?  If eliminating the migrants is the government's winning platform during elections, why isn't that same government punishing the EMPLOYERS? The African migrants and the residents of Rosarno are being squeezed together in the VICE of greedy government/business (whether legitimate or la mana nera).  I feel very sad for the exploited people in this case.  My hope is that somehow they form a solidarity against the government/business much as Cesar Chavez united for the Mexican migrants in California. . .it's their only hope, I'm afraid. And as for my travels in Calabria, I will research exactly where the government migrant camps are located in order to plan my movements accordingly. . .I can't handle having my car smashed as I travel solo. . .in fact, I'm now committed to using mass transit ONLY.   And, to the exploited peoples of Calabria. . .yet again. . .avanti, sempre avanti as, once again, the powers that be are manipulating you on an uneven chess board. . . Avete corragio!  "You must be the change you want to see in the world". . .(Mahatma Gandhi).              

happy I helped in some way. I felt concerned by your words of astonishment about the media highlighting words instead of real facts that happen in a country.  That prompted me to start another thread to give my point of view about the difference between people living in Northern Italy and people living in Southern Italy (es. Calabria), from a cultural and social point of view. It would be nice to listen to members' opinion, especially from those who already lived in Italy for a period of time. see you later!