Sim Cards in Italy

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02/04/2010 - 07:50

Ciao folks, I am pleased to say I have now finished work here in the UK, I have given myself this week off just to organise the last little bits before I fly out to Milano on Sunday. Most of my packing is done, Euro bought, just need to get myself on the flight and it is all systems go! I have an unlocked iPhone that I am planning on using once I am in Italy, but was wondering if anyone could recommend the best service provider for a Ricaricabili sim card? I had a quick look on the big companies sites and it seems that if I went down the contract (Abbonamenti) route, I would have to sign up for 24 months? Has anyone managed to find a 12 month contract as after I have settled I would prefer to go this way, but 24 months seems like a long time.  A presto, James



  Depending on which area you live in, you may find some companies have better coverage than others. both TIM and Wind have good coverage over the country, but depending on what your main usage will be (Internet, Messaging or calls) have a look around for the best deals when your here. Most companies do a 12 month contract, depending on what deal you want....

Once you get to Milano and settled ask people about the best service. As in the UK some are better than others in different places, the locals will tell you the best in that area. Then go to a phone shop and if brave enough cut a deal with them, most of them will deal if they have not reached target that month. One question though, once there which team are you going to follow?

Thanks for that Colina, sounds like a pretty prudent approach. Interesting to hear they can cut deals, I doubt anyone does that in the UK. I think I will have to go down the Inter route, I do however have a good reason for this -  I advertised my room in Edinburgh to rent early in January as I knew I was leaving this week. Loads of people came around, some were okay, most were not, and just when we were about to give up trying to find a decent flatmate, an Italian chap came around to look at it. Within half and hour we had asked him to move in. Turns out he is from Milan and has moved to Edinburgh for work. I am from Edinburgh and am moving to Milan for the same reason. So in order to keep the balance, he is going to support the Edinburgh Rugby team I followed, and in return I will support Inter.  Plus I don't like Beckham.