Guess the object.......

pilchard Image
02/23/2010 - 09:17

A light hearted bit of fun.


For those who read this thread with disdain, I get so sick of us all all trying to out do each other to see who is the cleverest. We all try to convince ourselves we are intellectual heavyweights. That's fine, so long as the sword play does not get out of hand, but a life without frivolity, light-heartedness & buffoonery isn't really a life worth having. We all need to seek the child within...some more than others. Now where did I put my dolly & colouring book. Sometimes the barrel needs scraping clean.

  As my dad was a wholesale fruit and veg merchant I had a head The onion was my first thought then I toyed with tomato. Thanks Pilch I will get my brain into gear and see what I can come up with. Angie - I have sent you a pm to read my wall on facebook re quiz team - that will give you a laugh!! Joy