Guess the guess! Do we need these?

02/26/2010 - 09:35


That's the joy of diversity! And it's great that we have the choice to click into them or ignore them as we please. My own view - wouldn't want the forum just to be about those (or even predominantly about those) but otherwise thought them a welcome light hearted diversion.What harm?

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Can't argue with that...........I just arrive on the site (looking for info to receive or to give) and see a range of these ..............I suppose I need to be more tolerant ! (Ha!!) S

Found out some interesting facts about gas supply, shared misery stories about a certain airline, discussed banking arrangements, learned loads about ground sink heating (mostly that I cant afford it)plus loads of other useful info, also had a good laugh with the "and now Ladies and Gents threads" still waiting for my prize for identifiying the coffin thou.