traveling to naples

vito formica Image
01/21/2010 - 02:06

We wil be traveling to Napoli sometime in May. Are there any members who live there ? Anyone care to show us around for a couple of hours? Dinner & transportation on us of course. We are 2 retired men from the food industry & 2 Doctors. Thank you,...Vito



Hi Vito, I am not living in Naples at present, but have lived there for several years. Gave some advice to other readers about going around in Naples, what do see and what to do. Maybe you can just have a look through the info. Here the link: However, if you want to, I may talk to some friend of mine and ask to show you the city! Just let me know! Will be happy to help... Monica!

 Ciao Monica,  thanks for the help. We've had to cut our visit short & so we will be spending about 9 days in around the Amalfi Coast. I do want to visit Napoli in the worst way, so I hope this is not my last trip. If I do come back, I would like to spend about a week in the Napoli area. Igrew up with mostly Neapolitan's, Great cook's,..Live personality !!....Vito