ship 25k goods Le Marche to London March/April

robert Image
02/23/2010 - 14:16

Any advice on the best & cheapest way to ship 25k of goods from Le Marche to London in March or April?



 If you can roughly gauge the size of the parcel (measurement) and it is under 30kg then we have used TNT to send ironwork back to the UK. There are many companies( agencies) on the net who you can phone or email. They all deliver door to door and you can track the package. If you need more info just email me. Sandy Love

FYI, we're doing a run from Marche to UK (passing London, inevitably) around the weekend or 2nd July. Of course this might not work for your schedule, but we'll be going in our massive great van. This is insured for goods in transit (we deal in furniture/antiques and seem to be sliding into the freight business). From the expatriation run down on 15 May, we'll be doing regular UK trips, at least every two months. So ongoing, transport of items large and small will be completely do-able. We charge by volume rather than weight, we pack well and we know how to look after your things. Points of origin or destinations other than Le Marche and London are entirely acceptable. Call UK mobile 07767 887494 to discuss your needs. Salve, Phil and Joy.