Umbrian Winery - unpaid work exp. wanted. And no, it's not a joke!!

03/22/2010 - 09:29

Anyone out there own a winery/cantina in Umbria or know someone who does? I am a uk wine merchant now living in Italy and currently looking for unpaid work to help build my Italian language skills. Happy to do anything wine related, might be most use in tasting room/wine sales with visitors, also helping with any English language sales and marketing. ( Ideally Montefalco/Todi/Perugia area.)


  A couple of biggish, internationally minded cantinas come to mind in the Perugia area. One is Goretti, in Pila, and the other is Lungarotti, in Torgiano. I'm sure they have websites, and knowing the management of both of these cantine they are quite open minded, and so long as there aren't any idiot health and safety or national insurance type insurmountable hurdles could well be interested in taking you on.   Good luck - sounds like a fun idea!

 Hello Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say what a great forum this is! We have a small place near Tuoro-Sul-Trasimeno, and we'll be heading over next Wednesday. Look forward to getting to know everyone. Best Wishes, Lunis

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Hi Lunis We are in Passignano. Have had this apartment for 18months now ( seconda casa) We have just got here this week for a stay of 3 months. Are you just here for the Easter hols? Best wishes Portia