exporting a car to the uk

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03/22/2010 - 15:37

Hi,I guess this topic may have been covered before but i was wondering if anyone has had the experience of exporting an italian car to england.I am after some info on the cost of replacing the speedometer and headlights to make it compatible for use on uk roads.I've rung a few garages here in the NW and they don't want to know.Many thanks



  I have a friend who exported a (four or so years old)  Nissan on Italian plates back to the UK about four years ago. She paid something over £3000 to get the lights, mirrors (?) speedo etc changed to UK spec by a Nissan dealer in the UK. Scary price, heh!   Get onto a UK dealer for your specific car, they should be able to give you a quote. There are things which the UK insists on (for example, how the fog lights switch) which you wouldn't have thought about - but why the mirrors needed changing defeats me.

I imported a new lhd Panda from Belgium to UK last year, though the car is primarily for use outside of UK. There was no issue with the lights etc involved with the importation. The car did not enter UK at the time, though it subsequently has done. I think the only issue is with MoT when maybe the lights could be an issue, but my main UK car is tested with stickers on the lights to change to European use and the testers don't seem to mind that they point the wrong way!

My experience, The lights can be changed with stickers. You can then source some uk ones from a breakers at your leisure, if you want to. The speedo can have a stick-on scale applied to it to read in m.p.h. or fit it with an aux speedo as it has to have an m.p.h. indicator but  "it doesn't have to be the primary instrument" There is also some argument that a GPS with an m.p.h. display is enough.  You can also buy little boxes to change your speedo from k.p.h. to m.p.h. using the same scale! I just put m.p.h. markers on my speedo (nissan) and it never failed an m.o.t. , not for that anyway! YMMV Pip pip

 Chris,   did you manage to get approval from the vca just with the stickers? Their guidelines state that receipts from a garage are needed in order to get their approval. The vca clearance is required for cars less than 10yrs old