Non-Resident Vehicle Ownership & Insurance

03/30/2010 - 15:03

Hi all,I would be very grateful if somone could help me with the following two questions.1. I have dual UK/Italian citizenship. I've read somewhere that Italian citizens who are non-resident can legally buy, tax and insure vehicles in Italy. Anyone know if this is true. I've tried e-mailing ACI but they didn't reply. I've also written to the Italian Consular legal office in London but they're taking an inordinately long time to reply.2. When I insure a car in Italy under this Bonus/Malus system they have, will my vast number of UK no claims years mean that I get the full 'Bonus' benefit in Italy .ThanksGeraint



 OFFICIALLY...........You have to be resident to buy a car here, (crazy but true!) EXPECT problems with insurance here, the only insurer who will (sort of) recognise your many years no claims is Direct line Italy. Car insurance here is SKY (I mean massively SKY) need to sort it out ASAP when you get over here. I think they recognise it within your first 12 months. S

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Hi. Thanks both and sorry for the delay - been away! Seems very strange that non-resident Italian citizen can't own a vehicle in Italy.  I'm fairly (but not absolutely) certain that a UK citizen - provided he's got an UK address he can use - can be resident in Italy and have an UK registered car. Thank for the insurance tip - I'll look them up. Cheers, Geraint