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Still have to reply to ones own post!! Does anyone know of a supplier of flowering shrubs in the AP region of Marche.  We are Ripatransone based but happy to travel 2-3 hours if nothing closer.  Numerous nurseries here on the coast but all seem to supply the same type of plants.  I am a great believer in planting appropriately to soil, climate, altitude etc but cannot believe that the few types of plants I can purchase are the only ones that will survive in this area.  I am not particularly looking for a certain plant, just needing to cover 3/4 of acre with something other than Oleander, Pittosporum, Jasmine, skimmia, rosemary etc.  I love buddlea, lilac, lavatera, choisya, etc etc far to many to list.  I vaguely remember on the old forum someone advising of a supplier and providing a link to a catalogue - can't find it now.  At the time old PC was a little slow (dying!) and thus only saw some pages. Thanks.

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 Hi Karen; we live near EcoService at Castel di Lama; featured yesterday on Rai 'In the family'. They have a vast array of all types of plants and shrubs, and are also wholesalers. You would need to speak to the owner Peppe Traiani if you wanted to buy in bulk; he is a very nice and approachable guy. To find EcoService from Ripa; come over via Offida and drop down to the Salaria (Porto D'Ascoli to Ascoli road)(bear in mind that the usual Offida to Castel di Lama road is closed but diversions are indicated) and follow the signs to the Ascoli Mare superstrada at Castel di Lama. Just before the superstrada entry is Ecoservice. If you know where Lidl is then you can see this place from their car park. Alternatively from San B follow the superstrada towards Ascoli and exit at Castel di Lama. The garden centre is on your left. We were there yesterday and the variety of stuff is impressive. Alternative is at Porto D'Ascoli heading towards Centobuchi on the Salaria just after you pass under the autostrada bridge. Huge garden centre on the left; retail and wholesale. Give us a ring if you fancy a cuppa.

There is a very good nursery on the road to Marina di Altidona. It is just after a restaurant called I Cedri (on the left hand side) if you are coming from inland towarsd the coast. Sorry but I can't remember it's name. They have lots and lot of greenhouses and you can find most things in there. They have a much wider selection than the nurseries at the coast for shrubs and bedding plants. The yare also very good for vegetable plants and I have found lots of things there I couldn't find elsewhere.

  3/4 of an acre is a large space Karen....Is it for you or for client...I do agree with you, it is difficult to source a variety of plants here and know there must be a demand so why no suppliers.... sure not just a historical thing.....Are things different up north or down south  or even sideways...can you buy lavatera, choisya, lilac anywhere here ??? Other than by mail-order from a few nurseries... I too would be interested to know..... Can anone advise?....Thanks for original post.

  I suspect that umbria/tuscany may be better than Marche - just because they've had longer to get used to the desire for a wider range of plants. Also - there is nothing to stop you bringing stuff in from anywhere else in the EU.  I bought a whole lot of "whips" from a UK nursery - stuck 'em in my suitcase and brought them over.  Obviously you can only do that in winter during the plant's dormancy. Given all the online plant sales these days, you might be able to order from the UK (though actually Penny's recommendation should probably be your first port of call - I think we all beleive in using local suppliers if poss.)

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  Just a question Annec, can you get the sort of plants Karen wants over your way???  Sure you can get more choice but would be interested to have plant list from where you are to compare to here.  Know you have sent me list in past as to what does well for you but would still be nice to know what can you get where you live...not only what does well that you have bought from uk...although interested in that too... thanks.

I think Penny's suggestion is probably the best one D, I don't live in Marche f/t and she'll have much greater knowledge than me AS for what I brought over - roses, cornus (red and yellow stemmed), viburnum, salix - I think that was it.  

 Dylano, for us in this instance but obviously once we find a reliable source it will be good for clients too.  I agree Annec that more expats in Tuscany for much longer therefore demand has created more variety there.  Now more and more English, German, Dutch, Danish etc settling in Marche the demand is arising here.  Nice venture for someone - anyone fancy starting a nursery in Marche?   I don't want to import, we are permenant resident here want to support the local economy.  As for bringing over, not an option as need way to many and I have only returned to Uk twice in 4 years and my husband not at all! Thanks Penny, will go and have a look at the nursery you suggest.

There's a place called Ivo just outside Grottamare that ahs some differenet plants and also will order for you if they think they can get hold of them. Head down the Val Tesino towards Grottamare and turn right immediately after "International Bois". Ivo is then the last gate on your left. Their prices are also extremely reasonable