EU grants - Olive trees

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04/20/2010 - 12:15

We produce olive oil (small scale) and people are always asking whether we've applied for our EU grant - allegedly €50 per tree.  I've had a scout around the Internet but can't find solid detail of the what's and how's.   Does anybody on Italy Community farm their olives and apply for this grant?  It'd be great to have a pointer in the right direction.


on the old website - hope it helps   As for grants, you will need to contact your local farming union (e.g. CopAgri) representative or the local Agronomer (professional land expert and grant application writer). Generally, to receive a grant you would need to be a registered farmer but the rules change often and these people would know what you can and can't get.

alan h is correct. The initial EU grants which I believe have been heavily cut back since around 2001, were country specific grants designed to promote the production of high quality olive oil. They were based on actual production of the said oil, not on the number of trees farmed; otherwise anyone could start planting a run of the mill olive tree. (no-one would ever abuse the system!). Grants were passed down from central govt. to regional govt, eventually finding their way into the comune system administered by the local CopAgri. Best of luck, though, in applying.