The fable of the man and the Italian post system

04/30/2010 - 08:08

The fable of the man and the Italian post system I know a lot of people don’t like it when people complain about this country, so here is a little story instead. Once upon a time, a man wanted to send a document to the palace of DVLA in a far away country. He asked his wife to post it for him and as it had to get there in 21 days, to get something a bit better than standard post. The man was a bit upset when he found out that he was 25euro’s poorer, but they had promised to get it there in 2 days. Seven days later he received a phone call from the post office to say that the address did not exist. He went and told them that it was correct and that if anything he had written too much information on the envelope. He also mentioned that it was nearly as well known as the house of the Queen to the people of that land. 17 days later he received a brown piece of paper telling him to go to the main post office 40 minutes away from his house. After waiting in the cue from another 30 minutes, he signed for another brown piece of paper telling him to go to the post office where the envelope had been sent from, which he had actually passed an hour and a half ago. Here he was told that the address did not exist and nothing else could be done. He mentioned the fact that if you google DVLA it is the first thing that comes up and that since about 95% of the UK know this address, it had probably not reached that far. So did that mean that their postal workers did not know where Great Britain was? When he mentioned that since he had the envelope return, should he also not get his money return? He was given a form and told he could try? So the moral of this tale is that if you have a postcard to send, try the post office…… But you may want to send 2 just in case. If it is something important, TNT or DHL will give you a tracked package for half the price.   Mark



He is really curious to find out how far it did get, but since all the comments were written in Italian, I would guess it did not get very far? I have been know to make the obb spelling mistake, so when I have to write a address everything is triple checked and it is a bit like writing the Vatican and bothering with the rest of the address :-)

because big government sites like DVLA DON'T come up in the UK Post Office address book. Now if these "clever" Italian people used something like the royal mail post code address finder it may not come up as a valid address. I've posted several special delivery items to government sites and on most occasions the Post Offices here in the UK CANNOT find the post code on their system? Just a guess, but I wonder what they would have done if you had left off the post code - the same perhaps!!! If this was the problem, then the UK is really at fault as they need to get this sorted... all these post codes should be on their database. Of course when I sent my letters here the UK Post Offices on not finding the post code told me NO PROBLEMo and just sent it off anyway - and they duly arrived where they should :)

I just checked this address from the DVLA web site on Royal Mail site Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency Administrative Mail & Driving Licence Enquiries  Longview Road  Clase SWANSEA SA6 7JL It is there under the post code. But note they have a DIFFERENT post code for different parts e.g.  Vehicle Customer Services (VCS) DVLA Swansea SA99 1AR