passion fruit plants

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04/30/2010 - 16:30

Any tips on best positions for passion fruit plants? We are at 500m and get snow in winter - bought a quite developed plant today, if we planted in a big pot with a trellis could it be moved inside to a unheated but covered and closed in area?I love passion fruit with ahem a passion so do hope we can help it thrive.Am



Yes, you can grow a passionfruit plant in a large pot with a trellis. It needs to be protected from frost, wind and intense summer heat. Try to put the pot on top of one of those bases with castors so that it may be easier to move, considering that you will also have the trellis. Passionfruit plants have short lives. They last about 4-6 years only and then you have to replace them; however, their flowers are beautiful and the fruit is delicious!!!

I can't advise you as I have whatever is the opposite of green fingers! But I hope you manage to grow your passion fruit plants. Wjhy not post a photo when you do? Pat

I have passionfruit plants in my garden here in Dorset.  We are right by the sea so get a lot of wind but no matter how badly I treat them by cutting them right back they just come up again each year flowering  and fruiting for all they are worth.  They were already in when we bought the property 12 years ago and they self seed all over the place!  They are certainly very hardy here but I don't know about where you are.  Good luck as they do look very attractive when in bloom.

 but I guess you know yours is? Anyway I've grown one here in the North East of England on a South facing wall for 3-4 years now, but this winter is the first where we've had what I would call a normal winter!!! The prolonged cold spells and -15 took its toll and the 15' plant is down to 4' and not a leaf to be seen (it kept lots over winter the other years). I've also had one in a pot for 2-3 years, but this one has never flowered and has been very poor in growth. Both are the same type (non-edible) and are hardier for up North, but I think, well at least here, you need them planted in the ground with the root system covered by stone to protect them from extreme heat or cold. The flowers differ on various types, but we love the holy trinity type, simply because it looks beautiful... Yes the flowers only last a day or so, but they don't all come out at the same time, we get flowers each day for months on end. Sadly this year I think we will be lucky if it manages to survive, but believe it will as it has tiny, tiny buds showing.