ING Savings Account problem

05/05/2010 - 12:19

We tried last week to open an online savings account with ING (Italy) to take advantage of their mighty 2% savings rate guaranteed for a whole twelve months. We started to try and open a joint account and started with Jo's details, but the screen baulked at her Codice Fiscale number saying it was "invalid". After several attempts playing about with letter cases blah, blah, blah, we gave up and started to try a single account on my details. Same thing with over my CF reference. We have used our CFs for a variety of services and purchases and from memory at least one online transaction (a fridge/freezer purchase ) Has anybody encountered a similar issue and if so, how did they resolve it? Grazie, SimonandJo


when you wrote in the details did you write them exactly as they appear on official documents ie. first your sirname then your first name then,if you have one your second name. then the cf must be written all together no spaces in capitals it should work like that.

.... they decode your surname and first name to a CF on the fly and compare it with the CF you enter? Interesting, but this may also be a problem in as much as you never know what was put in by the person inputting you details to provide you with the CF for example if you give a name like "John James" to an Italian official (well even to me for that matter).  Perhaps people should use the on-line CF generator to validate exactly what was used for their original CF, I'm sure there was a link to it here on the forum. 

Hi S & J Sorry haven't been on here for such a long time and just seen your post. We had the same problem with our CF's and found out after many attempts, that you have to put in your 'middle' name if you have one also. This worked when registering for our Banco Posta online account. Hope this helps! S & M