05/11/2010 - 08:32

Being the true sportspersons that we are, congratulations to all (in any) Chelsea fans here on IM Community for winning the Premiership, the best football league in the world, FACT. Its a funny old game, but I think Chelsea will do the double  this year. #1  



Rafa Benitez..................PLEASE go...........Liverpool, the most successful English club in history (in terms of trophies won) is slowly dying under your regime.........we are now even struggling to get into any European competition!! And even Man Utd have caught us up in the number of League/Championship wins (18 each)........... (I know that we've won the European Champions Cup 5 times already and countless Eufa trophies, but that's all history as they say...............!) S (Ha!!)

Well 'someone' agreed the spending of Benitez, 'someone' said  'here you go.....sign  this contract for squillions' these 'someones' need to take a walk down near the 'cast iron' shore late at night and tell the locals who they are........... The assets of the club are at their lowest point in years, at least Man Utd can get 75,000 'supporters' to home games (a couple of million pounds per game coming in).......Our stadium is becoming completely outdated...............very poor......... Ah well ...........good luck Fulham tonight and hope for a good game on Saturday(?) in the FA Cup final... S

Very magnanimous comments numerouno. I was a season ticket holder at the bridge for many years. (East middle). Watch all the games live on Sky here now. Would also like to wish Fulham well tonight. Game is being shown on Italia 1 tonight.

I felt white sad for near yet so far.....congratulations for getting SO close.... I feel ( sort of) saddened that ENGLISH players are 'not so' prominent in the Premiership team squads World Cup forward line looks VERY 'iffy' to me.........Does this mean that we are not producing? S

There are 20 teams in the premiership, thats 220 players minimum. Conservativley I would say that each squad has at least 10 further players so theres another 110 yet cappello can only pick from 50? then you have injuries to account for. I coach at a level just below academy and I can tell you that county football for both boys and girls is alive and kicking and played at ever improving standards but you will not see any of these players ever get anywhere. I can say without fear of contradiction that the link between grass routes and profesional football is completely broken. I can understand the likes of MU, L'pool, Chelski etc cast their net across europe and the globe becasue that is where they play. But are you seroiusly telling me that 1st and 2nd division teams have to go to europe to find 1st team players? There is also the issue of "hoarding" of academy players in the premiership. They might not make it at prem level but they would make a good living out of Champ, 1st or even 2nd div clubs, but there academys wont let them go.

Hello everyone, I know those are olf posts, but I was wondering if anyone is interested in getting in touch and talk about sports and especially football.. the Italian Serie A, Premier League, Liga and of course RUSSIA 2018 WorldCup :)))) That would be fun :))))