English Speaking Doctor / Dentist - Amandola

jepsonclough Image
05/28/2010 - 05:59

Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor and dentist in the Amandola area?  We are jsut preparing information for guests renting our house and realised that it woudl be useful to put in contact details.  The pharamcist at Monte San Martino speaks reasonable English but I'd like to be abel to put in details of doctor and dentist for more serious matters.   Thanks Chris



If its any help I direct guests to the nearest A&E, this is all in the information pack ,though luckily nobody has had cause to use it yet, other friends with apartments have not been so fortunate, but being on site and speaking Italian is a bonus, though realise this is not possible for all renters. Perhaps a contact number for emergencies of an italian speaker would be helpful ?. Not sure if A&E at Amandola is still operating, but Penny who is active on this forum may be able to advise. Pharmacists here seem to play a much more active role in health care, worth a visit to yours in Monte San Martino and they may be able to supply the information you require.

The hospital in Amandola still has A&E but if it is anything serious they will send you to Ascoli. But it is a good bet first of all if you have an emergency. Remember to tell people to bring their E111/EHIC card with them. The pharmacy in Valtenna has an English/Italian woman working there (Elizabeth). I would suggest that as your first point of call for non-emergency medical issues. There is a very good dentist in Force but he doesn't speak English I'm afraid.

Thanks for the suggestions - hopefully no-one will need them.  Think that the pharmacy option or A&E is the best and I guess with a dentist you cna point at where the filling / crown /whatever has come out or where it hurts.