Items for Sale/Wanted or Free to Collector.

06/02/2010 - 12:24

Earlier this year, Danno99 made a suggestion that maybe there was a need for a general 'For Sale and Wanted' section.  Think quite a few people thought it was a good idea and Valentina was, I thought going to set it up.  That was many months ago.  I still think it would work and like many others I have spoken to we would rather circulate than hoard or just chuck out.  Would be nice to hear an up-date as to progress or if a problem ????



It's a why not in my view................ but there will need to be ZERO comeback on Italymag if the sales/freebies don't work for individuals. It would be nice to hear from the adminstrators to say whether or not it will be actualy happening, and if so, when? S

Thanks for update Valentina, was just flagging it up again as your previous reply had said it was being set up and would take a couple of weeks......Forgot that here time scales are somewhat flexible.....Looking forward to seeing it up and running.  Thanks again. 

We are selling Sibillini Cycling. All bikes & accessories plus website ( and all our research and routes etc. over the last 5 years. Ready-made summer business. Ideal for someone who spends part of the time here or only wants to work part of the year. Plenty of scope to develop the business but great Google rankings. Please PM me for full details.

Have taken year off work in uk and have enjoyed being here (Marche) so much I dont want to go back but time is running out...sad If anyone is looking for enthusiastic, cheerful, knowledgeable with good SOH female to cook, clean, garden, dog / granny sit, within reasonable travelling distance, or anything else legal and moral I could be the answer to your prayers and mine !!!blush Mrs D

Hello again. My wife and I are now down grading and moving to a smaller place.... We have things we need to sell. How can this be done? Can I put up a list? Or should I wait for people to contact me through private messaging? Wouldn't like to break the rules.

 Colonel Mustard...............I think the new term for downgrading (?!) is 'right sizing' Ha!!............. I tend to agree with alan h..............just do it, put up a list.........worst case scenario your post will be removed......good luck! I think if you put the list up, you will at least get some contacts even via pm-ing? S

I've just set up [subject to administrator approval - so it may not happen!] 2 new groups. "Articles For Sale or Free",  and   "Articles Wanted"   Hopefully one of two things will happen.  either the ADMINISTRATORS will get off their collective b*ms and set up their own [proper] Groups, or mine will go through.  Either way, we should have some facility in the near future   [Or, they could block it]     [sits back and waits ................]

I have been waiting patiently and I didn't realise it took so long to set up an area to sell on. Does it involve a lot of work? I have no idea about setting up these things. Just an old duffer. Lets hope it works as time moves on...

Think it's got lost in the 'Beach Bag' Colonel, wait till the weather gets worse and someone gets in the office. I have a fine antique table for sale that is increasing in value and will be worth a packet when the section eventually gets online.

Colonel Mustard [welcome back Sir] asked Sorry, but where is it and how do I access it? Old duffer shuffles off a with reddening face!   Once a Group is proposed it takes a couple of days for 'Admin' to approve it [or block it].   But as they have previously approved the setting up of such Groups as "Those who think that Mr B is an idiot", I am certain they won't delay these two I have proposed surprise   [Pigs may also fly, and England win the World Cup]

I would imagine that somebody with the skills could sort out a new 'topic' in literally minutes (not hours). If they cannot the whole system has been set up incorrectly. It may be an approvals issue whereby a process is in place that requires one/two/three or more people have to approve it? Also, as I have mentioned before, there MAY be legal issues with buying/selling on the site, what if the sale goes wrong..............who is responsible? I sympathise with the administrators, it may be that they need a list of 'can do's' (without approval) and 'can't do's' (withous approval)..........surely they've thought of this ??!! And lastly..................administrators should really just RESPOND to the users(customers) saying that we are looking into it and an announcement wil be made on a given date, giving the reasons why a decision has been made. S

No Sprostoni, down grading is what I meant. Mrs Mustard recently went to Ikea and had a road-to-Damascus experience. She has ordered a load of self-destruct orange boxes with unpronouncable Swedish names like Terp, Swarg & Blott. She now insists that my grandfather's Hepplewhite & Sheraton must go, along with my comfy old deep-buttoned leather armchair and settee, inlaid mahogany and amboyna wood card table.....even the antique Persian rug. Where will the dog sleep?! With me in the dog-house I suspect..

 Colonel Mustard...............I am saddened, you have (I suppose) to take some responsibility yourself, as, during the interviewing process when selecting the (at the time) future 'Mrs', surely you covered in detail the 'I'm always in charge' area of questioning? Good luck............ S

Sprostoni wrote;- "I am saddened, you have (I suppose) to take some responsibility yourself, as, during the interviewing process when selecting the (at the time) future 'Mrs', surely you covered in detail the 'I'm always in charge' area of questioning?"   Nobody told me that I was supposed to be the one who chose.  Can I seek a rematch?