06/10/2010 - 04:16

  Think I need Will drawn up here in Italy as I have children from previous marriage who under Italian law are entitled to a cut when I die.  When I die I want my wife to inherit everything and/or if she dies I get the lot.   Have contacted lawyer who has suggested we have a free first meeting to chat, but was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience and if so, what sort of fees are we talking.  Many thanks.


Stumbled upon this - http://italy.angloinfo.com/countries/italy/wills.asp Guy who did this is called Avv. Carlo Bottino of Studio Legale Bottino - Bottino Law Firm Piazza Cinque Giornate 3, 20129 Milano / via Cascione 25, 18100 Imperia Tel: 0183 767185 / 02 87396758 / Fax: 02 99981461 Website http://www.studiolegalebottino.it/ Or maybe contact Charlotte Oliver  who is a member of ItalyMag. Good luck.

You cant avoid your children getting their share if you have an Italian will - the easiest and cheapest way to do it is to write a holographic will - three lines in your own handwriting, signed and dated, wishing that your Italian estate is disposed of under the law of your nationality - and then dispose of your goods with a British (or whatever) will - leave it with a notaio and its fine.  You will save an awful lot of money and you can do what you like with your stuff.

Thank you Ram, I too was under that same impression.  However, just had meeting with lawyer who says that according to English law, immovable possessions exp: a property, have to be disposed of by the law of the country in which they are.  In our case, our house in Italy is our only property and we do not have savings etc to divvy out to all and sundry.  Have you heard of the above before???  Any help most welcome. Thank you.

New one to me - Id say not - if you expressly wish your beni to be disposed of under the law of your nationality I cant see that the UK can so no - but I would ask Charlotte - she's the mastermind on this...