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08/28/2009 - 17:59

Hello!Can anyone  advise if my newish lg plasma TV set which I use in UK, will work if I take it to Italy?Thanks for any info you any of you may have.Gabs



 when we moved despite the TV saying it worked everywhere did and does not function in italy... you either get sound or picture...its now used for games... so in the past they didnt do what they said because Italy uses a diferent set up and from what capo boi says it now seems that they will tune into the Italian way of doing things... so your memory does serve you well...  

Adriatica, think this is because the sound channel in Italy is on a different frequency from that in the UK. (Certainly was with analogue).  With newer tv's the frequency can be changed from the menu settings. Gabrielledi, if you want to be absolutely sure I'd phone up lg's technical help desk. I'd hate you to take over for nothing. However, virtually all new brands of tv will now work in Italy. Also, when moving its best to have the tv in an upright position. This puts less pressure on the screen.

I think I am right in saying that as far as analogue TV goes then UK and Italy both use PAL but they are different versions (something to do with the separation in frequencies betwen sound and vision) Now where that leaves us viz a vis  digital I am not sure.

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Thanks Elliven - I had looked up a website and saw Italy and UK do both use PAL, however as you say they have different versions, UK is PAL I and Italy is PAL B/G and wasn't sure of the difference.

hi everybody, could someone give me some advice please, we are moving to the Abruzzo region quite soon and I need to know, before I sell everything, if my tv, computer and various electrical tools (drills, sander  etc) will work on the Italian circuits. Hopefully they will and save us re-buying everything, any advice would be very much appreciated...thank you...christine

They all should work fine - but remember that your electric supply will probably be limited to 3kW - so you may neeed to make sure that you don't have too many things at once.   2 things;- TV - will need re-programming for the italian signal  - see earlier responses in this thread kettle- don't bring one - they invariably blow the circuit as they take too much power

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alan h is correct.............some friends of mine have moved into a house locally and plugged in their electric toaster (1.4kw) and their electric kettle(1.8Kw).......together they total more than the total 3Kw, so with all the other LITTLE things running (fridge freezer, TV, radio, computer,lights  etc) you can guess what happened! I think Enel (electric suppliers) HAVE to provide 10% more than your nominated supply amount, so if you have a 3Kw supply, you will be provided with 3.3Kw. You can upgrade in (I think) 3Kw chunks, so 3,6,9 etc............ We have 6Kw here and it covers all of our needs including pool pump etc. We use gas hob for our cuppas. Good Luck, S

Think green! Most Italians get by with 3kw or less and so can you.  Just plan ahead. As it happpens the Italian motorist had the smallest carbon foot-print in Western Europe for many years, largely because of the horendous cost of petrol, however recently , Italian Autostrada have started to resemble the Autobhans of Bavaria -so hello gas guzzlers!! Things may change ofcourse.........

One tip for longevity of your electric plug ins, mark one side of the plug as top, that way you avoid reversing the polarity every time you plug in. Were on 3kw, can run washing machine, pool pumps lights, tv no prob, put the oven on as weel and will almost cetainly trip the electric, plug in a couple of hairdryers and guaranteed to trip the leccy

Take a few UK multipoint extension leads with you when you move.  Remove the plugs on them and replace with Italian plugs.  Then you don't have to change the plug on every appliance you take over, [though you may wish to over time] and you won't have to throw phone chargers etc away and buy new ones.  Also useful when [if] you have visitors with all their paraphernalia

Hi Serrano I should of been more specific, german friends of ours maintain that constant switching reduces life span of appliances - no idea how true this is. The other point is when using UK appliances via an adapter. I dont think many of them any sort of polarity protection.

Hi, Christine.  I don't know about the TV but your computer should work fine.  I brought several of those continental adaptor things with me for electrical appliances such as my hand blender, food mixer, etc as I am attached to them!  I also brought an electric kettle with me as they are expensive here.  Then I got an electrician to change the plugs on the appliances I use most often.  Everything will work OK on the adaptors but it does mean you use more electricity.  In Italy you have to get used to not having everything on at once. Pat