Introducing Myself

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07/23/2010 - 07:10

Hi All, I am writing to introduce myself. I am setting up a company for Expats with a planned launch date of September. We will be covering the North of Italy from Trieste to Lake Garda /Como, with bases in Trieste, Como and Padova providing everything to do with property including management, maintenance, rental, search, renovation projects, price negotiation. A blog will be up and running shortly followed by a Website giving full details of all our services. The blog aims to take an informative, amusing look at living in and moving to Italy, as well as stimulating debate on some of the differences between Italy and the UK. Details and Weblinks will follow shortly. David  



Hello,  I am moving to Bologna, from Paris as soon as the crisis is over, what is your blog? site web?


Thanks, Margaux