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08/09/2010 - 07:14

ciao tutti!, just thought I would let everybody know about being able to get british and amercian television over here. Firstly, you can watch most programmes which have been aired in the States for free! on cast. tv or sidereal. also you can sign up to my private network through paypal to get a UK IP address which lets you have bbciplayer and you can watch live(dependent on internet connection) or to download programmes.  with private network you can also get ITV, channel 4 and 5. Its only 5 euros a month! its the best 5 euros we have ever spent. We have had it for nearly a year now and is pretty legitimate, certainly cheaper than sky. you will be watching programmes on your computer or laptop but still its great, especially for those cold winter months for us in umbria!  hope you find this info useful! a presto! tanyas



I recently discovered that some  UK/US programmes can be watched in English, without subtitles, on digital, if you have your TV set to English as the preferred language. Wallander was even in Swedish, again without subtitles. I can currently get RAI1, RAI2, Rete4, Canale5 and Italia1 on both digital and analogue. The same programmes were dubbed in Italian in analogue. There may be more to it than this of course, but I'd been messing with the channel scan to see if there were any new channels on digital and I think I changed the language by mistake. Would be interesting to see if anyone else can get this. I'm in Abruzzo.

I assume you mean 5 GB POUNDS per month not euros ? We have used MPN since last year (for BBC and ITV, CH4 etc) and it has been VERY stable, they have superb support and is a 'why-not' for a fiver. There are others but this is the one I use. I'm SLIGHTLY interested in the americano connection and will try it, but I'm not sure what I'd watch (!) time will tell ! Ciao a tutti........... S

The best proxy servers are not free and free ones have a reputation for disappearing without warning etc. Either way there are question marks over their legitimacy. Also the first part of this thread looks a bit like an advert to me. Is this allowed?

Just had a new dish and free view box installed up here in Northeren Tuscany.  Can now receive all BBC & ITV channels plus loads of others about 160 in total.  One off job and payment. Quite nice to have the option of some decent news and programs.

Hi Melbreak, Which free view box did you get and how big a dish? We are still researching this and haven't really worked out how best to get BBC and ITV, much needed during the dark, winter nights.  Also, who supplied it (one of the satelite shops in Aulla?) and how much?  Sorry so many questions but it looks like you have found the answer! I've just read your reply to previous (should have done that earlier but was so excited by your info) and realise you can't answer now.  The email address of the fitters will be useful. Thanks.

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Ciao,          Sorry cannot give dish type or anything else, back in England now for 2 months. The new dish is much larger, and the new box from England. sorry cannot be much help. Just had it installed and payed the cash!! Give you an e mail for the guys who installed it.   Quite nice having something else to watch than BBC world news!!

"Melbreak, what dish have you got? I want BBC Entertainment again!"   This site will give you info on where to point your dish - it works for Italy as well as for UK  satellite-alignment-calculator     This site will give an idea of the recommended dish size [Though many will say they manage with smaller ones]  dish sizes     Hope they help