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09/14/2010 - 18:53

We are going over soon for our first visit to our recently purchased house. First time driving over -so a new experience. It just dawned on me though - we'll need heating as summer is disappearing.  There is a wood burning stove - can anyone advise: what is Italian for the wood or logs i.e. how do I ask in the shop can I order a delivery of logs? Such a simple thing to overlook - any help appreciated. Slainte



If you have space in the car, take a few logs with you so you can at least light a fire when you get there Then wave a log in front of a neighbour and ask where you can buy some - the local farmer delivers ours.  [in my 'Dog Italian' this request boils down to "Dove Comprare"** - I know its grammatically incorrect, but it works] You should be able to get something in the local supermarket - and don't forget the fire lighters and matches     ** - pronounced   "Doh Vay Com Pra Ray"

Try 'Dove posso comprare la legna per il mio Stuffa', but if you don't understand Italian you probably wont understand what they reply to you, so try what Alan says as most Villages have a 'man' who delivers wood for your fires. The only problem will be storing it and keeping it dry, also drying it out when you get it. The temperature in Lucca is still in the mid 20's so you probably wont need a fire yet anyway as the days are still warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts, in fact people were swimming in the sea at Lerici today so take your cosie...

The others have pointed out that Legna (LENYAH) is firewood as opposed to legno (LENYOH) which is timber.  take down a few cuts of turf to remind you of home.  It is still a little warm for a fire but i let mine last week just for the sheer romance of it

or Grazie mille! I do speak a little Italian but I just didn't know the word for logs/firewood etc and I know the local shop arranges it but being a newcomer thought  it might look a little strange wandering the streets with a big wooden stick in my hand   :-) will probably want to light it just for the sheer hell of it. slainte

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Wonderful countries that i love but we live in Switzerland for now where stuff just works.  Even speeding fines work!  You get them by mail in around a week and people just drive at 120! Can you imagine that either back in Ireland or Italy Let me know if you need any help Ciao   F